Seeing Nature


Observations of a Naturalist by Carol Govan


I am a naturalist and artist who taught art and aspects of natural science for many years. Now retired from teaching, I still want to see and learn new things. But I need a little help to “see”. Ignoring man-made things, I try to focus on everything else, even weeds in the sidewalk. I use art as a process to slow down and record what I see, and science to research what I have been looking at. 


I taught at several places including Arnold Arboretum, Boston Mycological Club and was on the core faculty for New England Wildflower Society and Friends of Wellesley College Botanic Gardens for their Certificate in Botanical Art and Illustration. I also wrote and illustrated articles about tropical plants and trained docents for the WCBG greenhouses and arboretum. I was fortunate to be involved with many organizations that protect and offer instruction for both temperate and tropical organisms.

How I See is a list that helps me see what I want to see. My Blog of Species Descriptions and Special Topics are made from my images, observations and different sources that don’t always agree. I am happy to hear about any errors.